On 19 September, Prof. Dr. Manuela Schwartz officially took over as Rector from her predecessor Prof. Dr. Anne Lequy.

After her election as the new Rector in March and appointment in May, Prof. Dr. Manuela Schwartz officially took office last Monday. In addition to her predecessor Prof. Dr. Anne Lequy, speakers included the Minister of Science of Saxony-Anhalt Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hilmer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees until 2021, Karl Künne, representative of the University's Student Council, and Stefan Bienenfeld, Head of Transnational Education and Cooperation Programmes at the DAAD.

Prof. Schwartz announced "Seeing universities in this sense less as modernist business enterprises and tolerating them again more as guardians of special and individual knowledge transfer conveys to the outside, but above all to the inside, the claim of flexible and supportive university work. Consolidating internally and making the university more attractive and thus also crisis-proof through collegial also appreciative leadership - that is a very central claim."

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