The "2nd Summer School Sustainable Environmental Technologies" took place in Vietnam from 26 March to 06 April.

2. Summer School in Vietnam

Extract from the Summer School Programme
• Tasks in waste and water management in Vietnam
• Plastics in the environment – Input Pathways, Environmental impacts/ reduction approaches/ recycling
• Challenges to safe and resource-efficient food production using aquaculture as an example. Aquacultures/ Challenges related to potential pollutants/ Water circuit closures/ Integrated production systems
• Utilization of residual materials and energy recovery
• Recycling and energetic potencial of (plastic-) Waste/ bioplastics and PHA-production on the base of residuals from plant production
• Excursions to different surface waters/ Waste collection on site
• Simple waste and water analysis on site and in laboratory
• Simulation game for the development of a sustainable aquaculture management concept
• Information about study and research in Germany including application modalities
• Information about support services through international offices and DAAD-programmes
• Several cultural events