Nine paintings by Marlen Liebau are on display at the Infopoint on the Stendal Campus from 1 June to 30 November.

For five months from 1 June 2023, nine paintings by Marlen Liebau will be presented in the Infopoint at the Stendal campus under the exhibition title "Lost Landscapes" and the topic of sustainability and art will be debated in an ARTalk in October.

Marlen Liebau shows landscape impressions that were created over a longer period of time. Her paintings are characterised by a combination of abstraction and representationalism, incorporating different materials through a kind of mixed media technique. The nine paintings on display are grouped under the title "Lost Landscapes". "They represent both a reflection of the past, but are also to be understood as an expression of the endangerment of the existing" explains the artist.

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Photo: Kerstin Seela