Rim Mahmoud completed the Master's degree course in Risk Management - Management of Entrepreneurial Risks at the university campus in Stendal between 2021 and 2023. She is currently working in risk management and CO2 compliance at CEMEX Deutschland AG in Berlin.

From Sousse to Stendal

Rim Mahmoud is originally from Tunisia and has been in Germany since 2019. "I spent the first two years learning German, but the coronavirus pandemic intervened," she says. "In the following two years, I completed my Master's degree in Risk Management at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences." And with great success: Rim's thesis was named the best Master's thesis of 2023 at the Department of Economics. Her career entry then followed seamlessly. In April 2023, Rim started as a trainee in the Risk Management department at Cemex Deutschland AG. She is now a permanent employee at the company and works as an analyst in the Risk Management and CO2 Compliance departments.

The trainee program - the ideal career start?

Cemex is one of the largest building materials manufacturers in the world. Rim moved from Stendal to Berlin for the job after completing her studies and is more than satisfied with her decision: "This trainee program gave me the perfect start to my career. Thanks to the rotation in different areas, I was able to quickly make contacts with colleagues both nationally and internationally. In addition, the trainee program creates the ideal conditions for understanding the company's entire value chain. The trainee program has also given me the opportunity to work in the area of CO2 compliance." Her tasks include creating and updating risk assessments for the company, implementing the Supply Chain Sustainability Act (LkSG), reporting as part of EU emissions trading and creating environmental data for construction products. Rim is thus working on some of the most pressing social issues. She never gets bored. To what extent did her studies prepare her for her current tasks? "I would say that at least 60% of my studies are relevant to my current job."

Support during her studies

What tips does she have for international students starting their careers? "The university has numerous opportunities from which I have personally benefited greatly. These include job portals such as Nachwuchsmarkt, alumni networks, advisory services for international students and sports opportunities. Thanks to these offers, I didn't have to look elsewhere. Use these resources too and check the portals regularly."

Language learning and networking

For Rim, networks and language skills are crucial for success in studies and professional life. She recommends the tandem project "Start with a Friend" for those who want to make contacts outside of the university, through which she herself made a friendship that continues to this day. And the German language? "With practice and time, my German is getting better and better. So stay patient and confident."

Photo: Mehdi Bahmed