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About the Department of Engineering and Industrial Design

The Department of Engineering and Industrial Design (IWID) stands for a professional academic education of engineers and (industrial) designers and for application and technology transfer-oriented research and development.

The structure of the IWID department, with its organisational combination of classical engineering disciplines with design competence, is characterised in a very special way by the joint use of relevant resources and interdisciplinary possibilities. This is a unique selling point in Germany. Seven accredited Bachelor's and four Master's degree programmes (all of which are accredited) are currently offered, in which 900 students are enrolled - including one dual degree programme.

The IWID department is very active in research. In accordance with current requirements and regional needs, the research activities in the institutes can be assigned to the following focal points:

  • Innovative technologies, machines, components and methods
  • Renewable raw materials/composites
  • Regenerative energies

For the successful processing of research topics, the industrial laboratories Innovative Manufacturing Processes and Functionally Optimised Lightweight Construction as well as the KAT Competence Centre Engineering Sciences/Renewable Raw Materials have been established across the institutes. The basis for this is intensive and successful cooperation with regional and national industry. The research work also offers ideal opportunities to actively integrate students into the research activities at an early stage through projects and scientific assistance. This is successfully practised at the department.

(Photo: Bastian Ehl)