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About the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is the only one of the five departments to be represented at both locations of the university and is excellently networked - the Institute of Management is located at the Stendal location, the department's headquarters, and the Institute of Technical Business Administration is located in Magdeburg. In addition to practical and application-oriented attendance courses in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, the faculty offers a variety of part-time further education options at Bachelor's and Master's level. The economics face-to-face courses are located at the Altmark location in Stendal, while the continuing education courses can be found at both locations. Despite the different locations, all study programmes have one thing in common: our students are qualified for demanding tasks in business administration areas as well as in the field of management.

According to the Higher Education Act of Saxony-Anhalt, scientific institutions, so-called in-institutes, can be founded within a faculty. These academic institutions are headed by a collegial and temporary management chaired by a professor. The Department of Business and Economics has two of these academic institutions, the Institute for Technical Economics and the Institute for Management.

(Photo: Bastian Ehl)